So I Was Not Just Paranoid

Rebecca Dutton

A National Institutes of Health study found the corona virus can live on cardboard for 24 hours and 2 to 3 days on plastic and stainless steel (1).  I have not heard anyone sneeze or cough in public since the corona virus surfaced yet it took only days to travel 50 miles to reach my area.  The people who load and unload cartons that are delivered are a possible vector for the rapid spread.  Shopping while wearing a glove on my sound hand and using a credit card instead of cash (see previous post) was not just paranoia.  Thank God I rehearsed because initially I made mistakes.










Initially I grabbed the handle of my car door with the glove I had pushed the shopping cart still on my hand.  Whatever was on the glove was now on the handle.  Now I can quickly put the glove in the plastic cup in my car door.  I made it easier to put the blue foam covering my hemiplegic thumb in an isolated place.  The weather got warm so I can no longer put my credit card in my coat pocket.  I put the card in a tiny purse and hung it from my big purse.  The arrow points to the velcro closure which is easy to open one-handed.  The tiny purse hangs in front of my stomach where it is harder for someone to open it without me noticing.