Championing the Right of Persons Living With Stroke/NCDs

Ad Adams

Ad Adams Ebenezer is a co-founder of the Stroke Association Supportnetwork (SASNET) Ghana. He is also a board of director of the World Stroke Organization.

Adams has been actively involved in the testing and launching of the Post Discharge Stroke Support (PDSS) around the world, collaborating with teams from South Africa and the United States.

A call on governments to act FAST against Stroke/NCDs Now

Over 17. 5 million people are affected by disability due to stroke while six million deaths are recorded annually worldwide. Stroke is the second major cause of death and disability worldwide. Stroke/NCDs have no respect for age,gender, social status ,etc.

One Voice Against Stroke

As persons living with stroke/NCDs, we may come from diverse background with differences but our firm desire to  fight for our lives and to champion for our  right unites us. We can’t wait any longer , we are demanding an improved health system in providing  the right care and support to meet our individual (personalised care based on our needs) need with respect to our age,gender,social status,et al.

“The slow improvement in the health status of our people has been a matter of great concern. There is no denying the fact that we have not paid adequate attention to this dimension of development thus far” Manmohan Singh, Prime minister India,2005.

Persons living with stroke had been challenged with delayed diagnoses,access to health care, high cost of treatment(most survivors are not able to afford the cost of treatment nor  rehabilitation service) ,support after stroke and stigma which are  related to our disease every day . We might be living with stroke but our disease do not define us.

Action Now

Persons living with Stroke/NCDs and carer partners are united for action now  , demand to be heard ,thus Our Views Our Voices must be Heard!!. Our Views Our Voices (OVOV)  an initiative of  the Global NCD Alliance.

Meaningfully involved to championing the right of persons  living with Stroke /NCDs

Micheal Uchunor  a person living with stroke and an advocate for persons living with stroke leads in  Championing  the right of persons living with Stroke/NCDs , supported by the African Stroke Organization (ASO)


Surviving a stroke 8 years ago when I was 33 years old turned me into a committed Advocate for Stroke and other NCDs with  stroke related  risk factors such as diabetes and hypertension.

I founded  a stroke support organization (SSOs) and registered it as  Michael and Francisca Foundation which is based in Lagos Nigeria . Our core objective   is to create public awareness , provide support to all those impacted by stroke with  hope to provide them with a  meaningful life after stroke.

Before i had the stroke, I was working with  Development Support Institute (DSI) , DSI  Export  agricultural products such as Cashews, Cocoa, wood etc. After my stroke , the company didn’t  require my services any longer ,it was really hard time  for me and my family by then . Stigmatization and sidelining of persons living with stroke/NCDs are  huge societal issues that  must be stamped out from our societies .  I was later recruited  and  trained by Stroke Action Nigeria to become an entrepreneur (Stroke Entrepreneur ) with an  aim to  operate my foundation and  gradually  turn it into a profitable venture that will contribute towards achieving the SDG #3  ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all ages.

The Foundation had provided  support to over  135 stroke survivor and their carers to help them cope with life after stroke challenges.

The foundation  will continue collaboration with other  organizations /agencies such as faith organizations like Sacred Heart Catholic Church Ojota , African Stroke Organization(ASO) , other SSOs and international donor agencies like UMMI – Italian Missionary Medical Union that provide free medicines to persons living with strokes  and  advocate for  governments  to implement the  Universal Health Coverage  policies which aimed  to leave no one behind in terms of access to health care and support . Presently I have been Appointment as a member of  NCD Alliance Global Advisory Committee on the “Our View, Our Voices” initiative.

I’m calling on all persons living with stroke , care partners , the African Stroke Organization(ASO) ,World Stroke Organization(WSO) ,et al. to support me and  speak with one resounding voice against stroke and to  demand for an improved  care and support for persons living with Stroke /NCDs across the globe especially in Africa.