26 times 66 feet

Rebecca Dutton
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By 7 a.m. it is 75+ degrees F with 90% humidity so now it is too hot to exercise by walking around my neighborhood.  This is a problem because I have not been walking much inside since covid-19 curtailed my trips in the community.  Now I walk laps from one end of my 66 foot long trailer to the other.  It takes 26 laps x 66 feet to walk .32 of a mile (1,716 / 5,280 feet). 

Fatigue ruins everything so I have to be serious about not letting disuse atrophy creep up on me.
Every time I do 2 laps I make 2 hash marks on a sticky note on my kitchen counter.  Then I record the total for each day on a monthly calendar I keep on my kitchen table.  Then I enter the daily totals in a Excel file on my computer.  Finally I compute my monthly totals. 

To stop looking down at my feet as I walk I look for sunlight in each room.

I could not afford to buy a ranch style house after my stroke.  However, I love my 2 bedroom/2 bath trailer that has a full-sized laundry room all one floor.  The central air conditioning and dishwasher are a bonus.  homeafterstroke.blogspot.com