Public Education on COVID19 and NCDs (Public Sensitization)

Public Education on COVID19 and NCDs (Public Sensitization)

Date(s) - 05/14/2020 - 05/31/2020
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Eastern Region of the Republic of Ghana


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Stroke Association Supportnetwork-Ghana (SASNET GHANA) and Ghana NCD Alliance (GhNCDA) Public Awareness on COVID19 and NCDs in the Eastern Region 


Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Health, Ghana Health Service, Ministry of Information, etc have shown dedication and commitments to contain and prevent  further spread of the Novel Corona Virus(COVID19) in Ghana. Measures which are been taken by the President of the republic, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah  Akufo Addo have shown some positive results and must be acknowledged and commended by all. Aside  the measures by Government which are aimed to reduced the spread of COVID19 in the country, It’s surprising that, majority of Ghanaians don’t really understand the situation at hand ,  taking into account the reasons for  the closer of Ghana’s boarders and the enforcement of  all the protocols and directives on COVID19. From a Survey conducted by Stroke Association Supportnetwork-Ghana (SASNET GHANA) ,it was revealed that, only  4 out 10 persons contacted ( in the Survey)  are well informed of  the  Novel Corona Virus epidemic ( thus questions were asked about, How one could be infected and how to prevent  the virus spread within the communities).  From the findings of the survey,it was revealed that,about 65% of  Ghanaians have little or no knowledge of the disease, COVID 19(others actual don’t believe the existence  of any infectious disease in the country, ie COVID 19 ) nor have any knowledge on how one could become infected . As part of Stroke Association Supportnetwork-Ghana (SASNET GHANA) and Ghana NCD Alliance contributions to the Fight on COVID19, we are embarking on this exercise, thus the mobile van education, by way of disseminating information about COVID19 in the communities. This strategy to disseminate information  is purposely to educate and inform  community members about COVID19 and NCDs especially to persons living with NCDs  across the communities where education on COVID19 are hard to be accessed . SASNET GHANA and Ghana NCD Alliance  mobile van education is aim to compliment Government effort in the fight against COVID19. Stroke Association Supportnetwork-Ghana (SASNET-GHANA) In Collaboration  Ghana Non Communicable Disease  Alliance(GhNCDA) and with  support of Ghana Health Service ,Regional Health Directorate and the Districts and Municipal Assemblies, will embark on COVID19 and NCD Awareness Program (Public Sensitization) a mobile van education Campaign in the Eastern( Phase 1 ,May) and Volta regions(Phase 2,date to be decided later) of the republic of Ghana. The Sensitization Program will focus on; 1. Educating the general public on COVID19 i.e., facts and preventive measures (safe protocols) .Secondly, Education on COVID19 and NCDs especially for persons living or affected with Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs). According to the facts sheet of the World Health Organization on COVID19, persons living or affected with Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) are more susceptible to be infected with COVID19 and as a result of that, most of these persons ends up in developing a critical medical conditions when infected with COVID19 which at times could  leads to the death  of the patient. Through the sensitization program ,Persons living with NCDs will educated on  tips on  what to do in order to Prevent COVID19 with respect to their  conditions ie , As a person living with or affected with ( Stroke ,Heart Disease , Hypertension, Cancer, Diabetes,)

Activities include ; radio and TV discussions , PLWNCDs will shared their experience and challenges in this COVID19 crisis, distribution of fliers and poster ,etc


Ad Adams Ebenezer( cell-0555886912,Executive Director SASNET-GHANA ,Fellow and Board member of the World Stroke Organization (WSO),Secretary Steering Committee, African Stroke Organization (ASO)